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IPSECVPN is a free VPN service that protects your data, provides access to restricted websites, and helps you stay anonymous.


Without a VPN, your data is broadcasted in an open manner. Why is it a problem? Unencrypted data is vulnerable: As it contains sensitive details like login credentials, passwords, and credit card details, hackers may try and steal it.

IPSECVPN encrypts the data you send over the internet, creating a secure tunnel between your device and the target server. This is crucial for your online security as malicious third parties will not be able to intercept your data.

Online freedom

Every day, numerous websites and other online services are blocked by the regulators. The reasons for these restrictions are various — from copyright infringement to government censorship.

IPSECVPN grants you access to restricted websites via anonymizing your online identity, making it harder for the regulators to detect where you’re coming from.


Today’s online marketing and e-commerce companies have powerful tools at their disposal that allow them to track you across the web, so preserving your anonymity is getting increasingly harder.

IPSECVPN uses proxies to mask your IP address, making it harder for companies to track you.

Data safety

We take the safety of your personal data seriously: Thanks to our security measures, we can make sure that your data does not get abused, sold and/or accessed by third parties.

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